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Q: How can a GNSS satellite oscillator anomalies, even at micro-scale, be detected?

Incidents of GNSS signals that contain phase anomalies in a way as to mimic ionospheric scintillation have been observed in the past years. Although it is challenging to differentiate an oscillator anomaly from ionospheric scintillation, their underlying physics are different and show different carrier frequency dependency. Machine learning models using extensive GNSS databases can automatically detect satellite oscillator anomaly events.

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By Inside GNSS
March 15, 2021

Human Engineering: Rui Hirokawa’s Higher Vision

Dr. Rui Hirokawa is Deputy General Manager, Space Systems Department, at Kamakura Works, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation. A fixture in today’s GNSS community, he manages several QZSS-related projects, including the centimeter-level augmentation service (CLAS), and has recently been deeply involved in the international standardization of high-accuracy GNSS.

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By Peter Gutierrez
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