March 19, 2019

Israel Aerospace Industries Unveils ADA-O to Enable Land Platforms to Deal With GNSS Anti-Jammers

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) is introducing ADA-O, an additional development in the ADA lineup, which addresses GPS jammers to ensure GPS availability for land platforms. The land platform can be readily integrated in a range of platforms, providing a unique operational response to help telecom, navigation and C&C systems. Easily installed and integrated on the end-user platform, it serves end users on armored vehicles, artillery, C&C centers and communication carriers, according to IAI.

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By Inside GNSS
March 14, 2019

Lawmakers Launch New GPS Caucus

There are congressional caucuses dedicated to building support for everything from auto care and addiction treatment to chickens and Vietnam. Some caucuses become powerful voting blocks of lawmakers — the House Freedom Caucus played a role in the 2015 resignation of Speaker John Boehner. Others exercise influence by educating congressmembers and their staff about issues impacting their cause and quietly heading off ill-conceived proposals before they get too far along.

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By Dee Ann Divis
March 9, 2019

Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson to Resign

Secretary of the Air Force Heather Wilson said Friday she would resign to become president of the University of Texas at El Paso. 

“It has been a privilege to serve alongside our Airmen over the last two years and I am proud of the progress that we have made restoring our nation’s defense,” Wilson said in a statement. “We have improved the readiness of the force; we have cut years out of acquisition schedules and gotten better prices through competition; we have repealed hundreds of superfluous regulations; and we have strengthened our ability to deter and dominate in space.” 

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By Dee Ann Divis
February 28, 2019

Report: Russian Navy Gets New Precision Terrestrial System to Backup GPS/GLONASS

According to a news report,“Sprut-N1 [a] new-generation precision navigation radio system (RNS) has been created for the Russian Navy. It will determine geographic location, speed and altitude with a precision superior to that of GLONASS and GPS. The coordinates are determined by ground stations of the system which transmit coded signals to warships and aircraft. The main advantage against satellite navigation is that the signal of the high-tech system cannot be jammed, the Izvestia daily writes.”

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By Dana A. Goward
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