Current Issue - Inside GNSS - Global Navigation Satellite Systems Engineering, Policy, and Design


Tight Position Bounding for Automotive Integrity

A new approach to achieving the safety needed for levels 3 and higher of autonomy builds on a thorough mathematical framework to support safety analysis, while delivering very tight position bounds.

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Getting to E5 With Ease: An AltBOC Double-Sideband Receiver Based on Single-Sideband Correlation

A novel method to track Galileo E5 AltBOC signal phase adjusts and then combines the correlation results of the upper sideband and lower sideband signal to form a double-sideband correlation result, which is equivalent to AltBOC wideband receiving to some extent. Thus, a Galileo E5 wideband receiver can be achieved with only minor modification to a traditional GNSS single-sideband receiver. The method can be further applied to other binary offset carrier (BOC) signals.

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Seeing and Inertial Integrating Is Believing: Multi-Antenna Vision-and-Inertial-Aided CDGNSS for Micro Aerial Vehicle Pose Estimation

Multi-antenna carrier-phase differential GNSS (CDGNSS)-based pose (position and orientation) estimation aided by monocular visual measurements and a smartphone-grade inertial sensor form the core of a system designed for micro aerial vehicles. It can be applied generally for low-cost, lightweight, high-accuracy, geo-referenced pose estimation.

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The PNT T.A.P. (Toughening, Augmenting, Protecting) Dance

One hundred days into the administration and the federal civil service crew has set the stage for the Biden team on the tough Positioning, Navigation, and Timing (PNT) issues they face: the Ligado debacle, interference concerns and a troubling lack of system redundancy or resiliency.

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Record Deliveries, Continued Success: The U.S. PNT Enterprise

The year 2020 was definitely one for the history books. The global pandemic forever changed life as we know it, and in its midst, our GPS development and production teams launched us deep into a new era of positioning, navigation, and timing (PNT) capabilities.

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A Book for our 21st Century Times

A new tome — make that two new tomes — join the bookshelf of essential, authoritative references for GNSS users. They widen the information umbrella significantly to cover all PNT technologies, their sensors, integrations and applications.

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