Current Issue - Inside GNSS - Global Navigation Satellite Systems Engineering, Policy, and Design


Breaking the Formation: The Impact of GNSS Spoofing on UAV Swarms

It has been widely demonstrated that GNSS-based localization technologies are vulnerable to signal jamming and spoofing/replay attacks, where a receiver can be either denied positioning or deceived to compute a forged PVT solution. Today, it is possible to spoof a GNSS receiver to any arbitrary location and time in the world with many incidents being reported in the wild.

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M-Code: Dynamic Carrier Tap Selection (DyCaTS)

A novel approach for GPS M-code pull-in. Signal acquisition and tracking are two essential functions of a satellite navigation (satnav) receiver that allow it to form a position, velocity and time (PVT) solution.

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Launching Xona’s Ravens: Commercial Satnav from LEO

The startup plans to launch its first demonstration mission on SpaceX’s Transporter 5 in May, with the goal of displaying high-quality commercial PNT LEO signals from a payload suitable for small satellite deployment.

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Washington View – Deja Vu All Over Again: Ligado’s 5G Network Set For Collision Course With GPS? 

Will the network, which some are still fighting, be ready for a September rollout, and if so, what are the implications for GPS and the people who rely on it?

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Brussels View: EU Space Community Talks Security, Defense and Galileo

Speakers at the 14th European Space Conference in Brussels discussed the need to defend EU assets against unfriendly attacks. Recent events in Eastern Europe would seem to lend force to such concerns, as the European Union makes headway toward the intersection of civil infrastructure and security and defense.

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Synchronizing MEMS IMUs with GPS in Autonomous Vehicles

Guest columnist Mark Looney on how enhanced performance has led MEMS IMUs to be key enablers for scalable AV platforms.

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