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August 4, 2020

Ready, Steady, Go — Here at Last Comes GLONASS-K

The third next-generation GLONASS-K navigation satellite, postponed several times, will now take place in late August or early September, according to reported statements by Russian space industry sources. This marks a long-delayed step along a road towards interoperability with other GNSS. The first GLONASS-K satellite was launched in 2011 and a second one in 2014.

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By Inside GNSS
December 24, 2019

Satellite Visibility to Aid Claus Mission

In lead position on a sleigh rising from the North Pole to a height of 200 meters — standard cruising altitude for global package delivery — at 2100 hours UTC on December 24 — the youngest will hopefully be asleep by then and there’s plenty of territory to cover before dawn breaks, time’s a-wasting — navigator Rudolph will see between 40 and 45 GNSS satellites glistening in the night sky.

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By Inside GNSS
December 18, 2019

Going Up Smoke: GLONASS, BeiDou Lob New Launches

China threw two BeiDou satellites into space on Dec. 16. According to Yang Changfeng, BeiDou constellation chief designer, this brings to 24 the total of medium-Earth orbit (MEO) BDS-3 satellites in orbit, bringing completion to the core system. China has stated its mission to complete the BDS-3 constellation by 2020.

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By Inside GNSS
September 18, 2019

GNSS & The Law: Collecting and Processing Geolocation Data


Geographical information plays a permanently increasing role in our society. More and more devices and applications use and process geographical information to serve all kinds of purposes. Smartphones, cars, e-bikes, scooters or foot shackles for law enforcement purposes collect and process geographical information on a permanent basis. Here, we take a close look at privacy issues and the data protection perspective, namely considering the European GDPR and experiences gained one year after its entry into effect.

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By Dr. Philip Lüghausen and Dr. Matthias Lachenmann

Human Engineering: Ivan Revnivykh

Ivan Revnivykh’s life and experience encompass the far frontiers of his homeland, Russia, from the magnificent landscapes of the country’s Pacific coast to research stations in Antarctica, to the great capital city of Moscow where he lives and works today. To everything he does he brings a sense of excitement and adventure.

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By Peter Gutierrez
February 28, 2019

Report: Russian Navy Gets New Precision Terrestrial System to Backup GPS/GLONASS

According to a news report,“Sprut-N1 [a] new-generation precision navigation radio system (RNS) has been created for the Russian Navy. It will determine geographic location, speed and altitude with a precision superior to that of GLONASS and GPS. The coordinates are determined by ground stations of the system which transmit coded signals to warships and aircraft. The main advantage against satellite navigation is that the signal of the high-tech system cannot be jammed, the Izvestia daily writes.”

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By Dana A. Goward
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