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March 16, 2021
Ligado Cleared to Press On…For Now

When most were focused on the transition of power in the White House, the day before the Inauguration and the very last day…

By Dawn M.K. Zoldi (Colonel, USAF, Ret.)

March 14, 2021
Steady As She Goes: Still Protecting, Toughening and Augmenting PNT

For years, both the Executive and Congress have expressed concerns over PNT vulnerabilities and clamored for solutions. Yet little has changed. Three important…

By Dawn M.K. Zoldi (Colonel, USAF, Ret.)

January 25, 2021
Washington View: The New Year Rang in with a Stand-Off

As 2020 ended, the Ligado project stood still. The FCC proceedings in the case had stagnated, while Congressional action, funds and filings flowed.

By Dawn M.K. Zoldi (Colonel, USAF, Ret.)

December 10, 2020
Washington View: Ringing in the New Year with a Ligado Stand-Off

As 2020 comes to a close, the Ligado Networks LLC’s (Ligado) mobile satellite services (MSS) project remains at a standstill. While actions in…

By Dawn M.K. Zoldi (Colonel, USAF, Ret.)

October 29, 2020
Moving at the Speed of Government: Ligado 5G Plan Inches Forward

Six months ago, the FCC unanimously granted Ligado’s amended license modification applications to deploy a low-power terrestrial nationwide network in the L-Band. Petitions…

By Dawn M.K. Zoldi (Colonel, USAF, Ret.)

September 23, 2020
Ligado Soars Over Another Obstacle to 5G Domination

A favorable GAO ruling discounted Congressional allegations that the FCC skipped a key legal step before granting Ligado’s controversial application. This positions the…

By Dawn M.K. Zoldi (Colonel, USAF, Ret.)