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March 20, 2020
When Truth Matters. Absolutely.

One may well ask, when doesn’t it? That aside, some controversy has arisen in the world of competitive running, and self-competitive running as…

By Alan Cameron

February 14, 2020
Scottish Rocket Site Planned; Could It Launch British GNSS?

Plans have been submitted for a rocket launch site in the north of Scotland that could boost communications satellites into orbit in two…

By Alan Cameron

January 22, 2020
Time Is Relative, Position Absolute

I strode into the plenary session of the ION International Technical Meeting, primed and ready for a barrage of modernity, of out-in-front advances…

By Alan Cameron

November 26, 2019
Set the Controls for the Heart of the Future

Very occasionally, history repeats itself, in oddly nuanced ways. I stand today at such a juncture. Nineteen years ago Glen Gibbons, the founder…

By Alan Cameron