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IGNSS 2024 Conference in Sydney: Celebrating 50 Years of GNSS and Navigating the Next 50

The IGNSS Association’s 2024 conference in Sydney, Australia is taking place from February 7-9 at the University of New South Wales (UNSW). With the theme of “Celebrating 50 Years of GNSS and Navigating the Next 50”, the conference will bring together experts, policy makers and emerging leaders in GNSS technology, products, and services to examine the latest advances, present cutting edge research and discuss policy, market development and infrastructure.

The conference will cover regional developments, such as the Southern Positioning Augmentation Network (SouthPAN), as well as updates from the major GNSS System Providers. The conference will provide a platform for GNSS professionals to explore solutions to risks and challenges, including the increasing threats in jamming, spoofing and cybersecurity.

Highlight sessions to include:

  • Meeting of the CGSIC IIS: IGNSS2024 will be host to a meeting of the Civil GPS Service Interface Committee International Information Subcommittee (CPSIC IIS). This group focuses on the needs of the international GPS user community by hosting information exchanges throughout the world and collecting inputs from users outside the United States.
  • PNT in Space: This session will explore the latest advancements in Positioning, Navigation, and Timing technology in the context of space applications. Speakers will hail from a variety of backgrounds and all with specialised expertise in the field. 
  • Service Provider Updates: The IGNSS Service Provider Session is the perfect opportunity to hear directly from gloabl leaders in the field of PNT.  Representatives from the major service providers including GPS, Galileo, and QZSS will provide presentations on their advancements.
  • Positioning Australia: Positioning Australia will be returning to the conference to share news and updates about their activities, infrastructure and services. The sessions will feature leaders discussing topics such as SouthPAN, Ginan Analysis Software, National Positioning Infrastructure and more.

For complete program information, including the many technical sessions, as well as registration options, visit the IGNSS 2024 website here.