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August 17, 2012

PNT Advisory Board Seeks Details on Economic Benefits of GPS

To help counter pressures from federal budget cutters and wireless advocates searching for more broadband spectrum, the National Space-Based Positioning, Navigation, and Timing (PNT) Advisory Board is crafting a study documenting the economic benefits of GPS.

“We have a new assignment . . . to discover and disclose the economic contributions of the Global Positioning System,” Chairman Jim Schlesinger told the board at an August 15, 1012 meeting of the advisory board.

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By Dee Ann Divis
July 5, 2012

Drones to the Rescue!

August 1994, early morning. Spain’s Central Pyrenees Mountains still in darkness.

At the outset of an ascent to a 3,000-meter peak along the international border, one of the co-authors encounters a group of tourist hikers who have begun searching for a colleague who had left the camp the previous evening. In the pre-sunrise gloom, helicopters cannot yet operate.

A week later, the body of the hiker is found. The rescue efforts came, unfortunately, too late.

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By Inside GNSS
July 2, 2012

House and Senate Slash Civil GPS Funding

[Updated July 2] Appropriators in both the U.S. House and Senate have slashed next year’s funding for support of the civil portion of the GPS program. Lawmakers halved the portion of the Federal Aviation Administration budget dedicated to supporting the civil signals as well as the ground network monitoring of those signals.

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By Inside GNSS
February 29, 2012

GPS Program Budget: A Lot, But Is It Enough?

The details of President Obama’s 2013 budget have been gradually filtering out and, in general, the GPS system and those programs closely linked to satellite navigation, have escaped deep cuts.

On the hardware side the White House has requested $58.2 for GPS IIF satellite procurement. According to Air Force budget documents, the plan is to then wrap up the total IIF procurement of 12 satellites with a request for $77.6 million in FY14 and $7.3 million in FY15.

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By Inside GNSS
February 8, 2012

Aviation Subcommittee Hearing Moves Beyond LightSquared to GPS Spectrum Protection

John Porcari, US DoT Deputy Secretary

U.S. Deputy Secretary of Transportation John Porcari told a congressional committee today (February 8, 2012) that the expenditure of “substantial federal resources” in assisting LightSquared to gain approval for its terrestrial wireless broadband system was “unusual” yet “merited,” but that “further investment cannot be justified at this time.”

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By Inside GNSS
December 5, 2011

Conference Survey Reflects North American Leadership in GNSS Innovation, Delays in Galileo Program

A survey of 140 attendees at last week’s European Navigation Conference (ENC 2011) in London, England, produced a fascinating assessment of GNSS expectations in the coming years — and how that assessment has changed since 2007.

Sponsored by Helios, a UK business and technology consultancy working in the transportation and technology domains, the survey asked delegates eight questions with multiple choice answers, and recorded their responses using handheld keypads and live electronic voting.

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By Inside GNSS
November 8, 2011

GPS Coalition To FCC: LightSquared Must Not Use Upper 10-MHz Band

A United States Army specialist explains GPS system to a Croation soldier in their mine-resistant, hardened vehicle, Afghanistan (2011 Photo: Brian Henriksen, US Army)

[Update November 9 2011] In an ex parte filing with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on November 8, a leading GPS advocacy group has asked that the agency “promptly rule” that LightSquared not be permitted to pursue high-powered terrestrial operations in the upper Mobile Satellite Services (MSS) band adjacent to the GPS L1 band.

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