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201309 September/October 2013

Peer-to-Peer Counseling

First I thought to title these comments, “Learn from the People,” but readers might have confused me with Chairman Mao. (I spent some time recently around the Yangtze River, although I didn’t take the opportunity to swim in it as the Great Helmsman did.)

In any case, my thoughts turned toward the masses and the mass market as a result of working with the authors of an article in this issue on cooperative authentication. They have extended a chain of innovative proposals drawing on the crowdsourcing concept of data sharing among nearby GNSS users or “peers.”

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September 3, 2013

GNSS Antennas with Chris Bartone

Dr. Inder Gupta, The Ohio State University
Chris Bartone, Ohio University

With new signals and frequencies coming on line with modernized GNSSs, antennas play a more crucial role than ever in receiver system design.

Antennas are often an overlooked or undervalued aspect of GNSS user equipment.

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