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Telit Cinterion Debuts High-Precision GNSS IoT Module

Telit Cinterion has unveiled the SE868K5-RTK, a Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) module that offers centimeter-level positioning accuracy. This module represents a leap forward in the integration of high-precision GNSS capabilities within the xE868 product family.

Tailored for seamless functionality in environments with cellular or other radio interferences, this compact module, measuring 11x11mm, is suited for applications where space is at a premium and precision is non-negotiable.

The SE868K5-RTK module stands out as the inaugural GNSS module within Telit Cinterion’s portfolio to achieve centimeter-level accuracy, courtesy of its Real-Time Kinematics (RTK) functionality. It is a multifrequency and multiconstellation positioning receiver, enhanced by dual frequencies (L1/E1 and L5/E5) to elevate location precision and diminish the impact of multipath effects, thereby establishing unprecedented accuracy standards for a wide range of sectors. Its capability to support RTK corrections through the RTCM protocol and raw data output further simplifies the development of high-precision applications.

In partnership with Swift Navigation, the SE868K5-RTK module utilizes local base stations or Swift’s Skylark Precise Positioning Service for corrections, ensuring reliable centimeter-level accuracy across an extensive coverage area, offering an exceptional value proposition. This integration, combined with Telit Cinterion’s cellular modules and NExT™ connectivity services, provides a holistic high-precision solution that ensures continuous and accurate correction data delivery to the GNSS module.

The module is designed for reliability and high-performance navigation, even in challenging RF conditions, and its small footprint allows for flexible integration in various applications like wearables, drones, robots, fleet tracking, and precision agriculture. Future enhancements including support for an external inertial measurement unit (IMU) will enhance the xE868 family’s offerings by enabling continuous positioning capability through untethered dead reckoning.

This module is a product of a decade-long collaboration between Telit Cinterion and Airoha Technology. Leaders from Airoha Technology and Swift Navigation have praised the collaborative effort, highlighting the module’s transformative impact on IoT applications requiring high precision. Marco Argenton, VP of Product Management, IoT Modules at Telit Cinterion, emphasized the module’s groundbreaking precision capabilities as a testament to the company’s ongoing innovation and leadership in addressing the dynamic requirements of the IoT landscape.