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Compact, High-Precision MCMF GNSS Receiver Module Targets IoT Applications

Telit announced its SE868SY-D a multi-frequency, high-precision GNSS receiver module for applications that require high accuracy, fast updates, multi-constellation support and multipath resistance. At 11×11 mm, the SE868SY-D easily accommodates ultra-compact devices and Internet of Things (IoT) trackers. Featuring Sony’s CXD5610 GNSS receiver large scale integration, the SE868SY-D is the first product from a new strategic collaboration between Sony and Telit. Telit has been closely involved in IoT development.

The SE868SY-D module is Telit’s first multi-frequency, multi-constellation (MCMF) GNSS receiver module, featuring an ultra-sensitive -167 dBm (tracking) RF front end. By using both the L1 and L5 bands, the SE868SY-D supplies a significantly higher location accuracy than single-frequency devices — even in high-multipath environments such as urban canyons. The SE868SY-D offers a pin-to-pin compatible migration path in Telit’s portfolio for applications based on the legacy GPS module JF2 and GNSS module SE868V3.

The SE868SY-D is well-suited for battery-powered applications such as IoT trackers, wearables and more. With less than 45mW in L1+L5 tracking mode, the module supplies low power consumption. For high-dynamic applications, the SE868SY-D supports a high update rate of up to 25 Hz. Its high-accuracy, one-pulse-per-second (1PPS) signal also makes the module ideal for timing applications.