May 6, 2014

Michel Monnerat: Out of Africa — GNSS

SIDEBAR: Michel Monnerat’s Compass Points

“I was born in Arles, in the south of France,” says Michel Monnerat, “but I left France before my first birthday. We moved many times, from place to place.”

Monnerat’s father worked for a civil engineering company, specializing in maritime works — harbor construction, coastal protection, and such. His family lived in Ivory Coast, Cameroon, and Tunisia, but Monnerat spent most of my early life in Lomé, the capital city of Togo.

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By Inside GNSS
March 17, 2014

An Airborne Experimental Test Platform

Unmanned aerial vehicles or UAVs comprise a category of aircraft that fly without a human operator onboard. They are more popularly referred to by the misleading moniker “drones,” which masks the wide variety in their design and capability.

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By Inside GNSS
January 19, 2014

Marc Weiss

Weiss at the helm during sailboat outing to San Juan Islands (top), Marc Weiss and wife, Pam (bottom)

SIDEBAR: Marc Weiss’ Compass Points

In a career spanning nearly the entire history of GNSS-enhanced metrology, Marc Weiss has been a key participant in projects that laid the foundation for accurate synchronization of atomic clocks around the world.

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By Inside GNSS
November 18, 2013

Elizabeth Rooney: ‘Not a typical job for most working mums.’

Main antenna on FOC Galileo satellite

SIDEBAR: Elizabeth Rooney’s Compass Points

Going for her first big job interview after college, Elizabeth Rooney admits she didn’t know what GPS was.

“It was 1995,” she says, “and I was going in to see about this job. I had been looking at some literature from the company I was interviewing with, and there it was, ‘GPS.’ I wondered what the letters meant when I saw them.”

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