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5-cm Accuracy in Marine-Certified Receiver: Quad-Band Device Supports PPP Corrections

new marine-certified quad-band GNSS receiver, the LD900 from VERIPOS, delivers accurate, reliable positioning in demanding offshore environments. The LD900 can track four GNSS frequencies simultaneously to ensure a precise position is always available at sea. When combined with Apex5 correction services from VERIPOS, it delivers accuracy levels as precise as 5 cm (95%) to provide robust positioning for the most challenging applications, including deepwater drilling, seismic, construction, and survey.

The LD900 tracks GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo and QZSS, and supports all VERIPOS correction services, which use Precise Point Positioning (PPP) to deliver centimeter-level accuracy across the globe.

The receiver supports multi-channel L-Band tracking that provides simultaneous reception of services from three satellites broadcasting VERIPOS Apex5 corrections, reducing the risk of satellite masking or blocking to ensure continuous operations and avoid vessel downtime. An RF input on the LD900 allows connection of a dedicated L-Band antenna for optimal reception of correction services, especially at high latitudes. This availability and accuracy are well-suited for oil and gas exploration activities.

Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) corrections can be used when required.

The display helps troubleshoot issues, allowing faults to be quickly diagnosed and resolved. The LD900 can also be configured remotely through the VERIPOS Quantum software.

The receiver offers advanced signal filtering to mitigate interference from other transmitters, and automatic 72 hour rolling data log for incident support.