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Weekend Read: 30 Years of the International GNSS Service

The International GNSS Service (IGS), marking its 30th anniversary, plays a crucial role in providing high-quality GNSS data, essential for a wide range of applications worldwide. As a voluntary federation of over 200 entities across more than 100 countries, the IGS has been instrumental in producing reliable GNSS data and services.

Recognizing this milestone, NASA’s Earth Science Data division has interviewed IGS leaders, reviewing the organization’s accomplishments and charting the course ahead:

The IGS celebrated its 30th anniversary in January 2024, and according to Dr. Rolf Dach, chair of the IGS Governing Board and professor in the Astronomical Institute at the University of Bern in Switzerland, it’s a noteworthy milestone given the nature of the organization.

“I think the spectacular thing about the IGS is that it’s a voluntary organization. There is no commercial commitment, but nevertheless people see it as infrastructure, as something that’s always there for them,” Dach said. “It shows that we’ve established a very reliable service over these 30 years.”

The organization’s ongoing efforts aim to expand GNSS applications further, demonstrating its commitment to improving global infrastructure and exploring new technologies for societal benefit. Read the full article from NASA Earth Science Data.