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VIAVI Launches L- and Ku-band UTC Timing Services Independent of GNSS

VIAVI has launched its altGNSSSM GEO SecureTimeSM services that aim to deliver nanoseconds-accurate UTC timing via L-Band and Ku-Band satellite signals for critical infrastructure including 5G networks, transportation, data centers, smart grid, high-frequency trading, military and first responder communications, and satellite terminals.

Operating completely independently of traditional GPS and GNSS, VIAVI’s altGNSS GEO service is extremely difficult to jam or spoof and provides broad global coverage, further improving resistance to attacks on the rise. 

SecureTime adds to the portfolio of solutions VIVAI offers for resilient PNT, and features Navigation Message Authentication (NMA) which uses encryption to detect spoofing in any of the signals received from all sources – including GPS that does not support NMA. It builds on VIAVI’s existing multisource assurance, combining signals from government and commercial constellations across Geosynchronous Orbit (GEO), Low Earth Orbit (LEO) and Medium Earth Orbit (MEO).

These services have been tested and proven in live-sky battlefield scenarios including successfully providing assured PNT in a simulated warzone with complete denial of GPS and GNSS services.

VIAVI will integrate these services in its own products while also providing receivers for third-party solution providers desiring to leverage the altGNSS services in their own systems. VIAVI’s SecurePNT™ 6200 hardware platform is powered by space and terrestrial SecureTime Services and TrustedPNT™ multisource fusion technology.

VIAVI is showcasing these solutions at the Assured PNT Summit which takes place May 29-30 in Washington, D.C. and the Joint Navigation Conference held June 3-6 in the Greater Cincinnati, Ohio area. 

“Critical infrastructure around the globe is increasingly susceptible to PNT disruption, but that is even more apparent in theaters of war,” said Doug Russell, Senior Vice President, AvComm, VIAVI. “Our SecureTime services have steadily built up an unsurpassed capability to protect timing in critical networks, independent of any one source or frequency band.”