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VIAVI Announces Solution for Resilient Positioning, Navigation and Timing for Critical Infrastructure

VIAVI Solutions Inc. has launched SecurePNT 6200 with SecureTime services, enhancing the resilience and precision of positioning, navigation, and timing (PNT) critical for infrastructure operations globally. This new solution integrates the Fugro AtomiChron timing service, expanding VIAVI’s robust PNT solutions to ensure greater security against emerging threats to global infrastructures such as 5G networks, transportation systems, and financial services.

SecurePNT 6200 offers a multi-source PNT service that combines signals from various orbital positions—Geosynchronous (GEO), Low Earth Orbit (LEO), and Medium Earth Orbit (MEO)—with traditional GPS and GNSS constellations, providing a zero-trust, multisource assurance framework. This setup is designed to protect against the vulnerabilities of public GPS and GNSS signals, which are critical for the timing and synchronization of essential services but can be disrupted by jamming, spoofing, or satellite attacks.

Doug Russell, Senior Vice President at VIAVI, highlighted the strategic importance of this advancement, “With increasing threats to critical infrastructure, ensuring resilient positioning, navigation, and timing is paramount. Our collaboration with Fugro and the integration of AtomiChron significantly enhances our ability to offer secure, accurate, and reliable PNT solutions.”

The SecurePNT solution incorporates several key technologies to ensure robust protection:

  • Anti-spoofing: Detects and mitigates spoofing attacks, ensuring the integrity of navigation and timing data.
  • Authentication: Extends beyond the Galileo Open Service Navigation Message Authentication (OSNMA), offering enhanced security measures across all GNSS constellations.
  • Encryption: Protects the integrity and confidentiality of PNT data transmission.
  • High Accuracy: Delivers timing accuracy of less than 5 nanoseconds, with an optional upgrade to less than 1 nanosecond, all traceable to UTC/NIST standards.

Roel de Vries, Business Developer for AtomiChron at Fugro, emphasized the service’s precision, “Our AtomiChron service not only enhances the accuracy of timekeeping to the nanosecond but also provides a vital shield against GNSS signal spoofing, ensuring that critical infrastructure remains operational even under adverse conditions.”

VIAVI’s SecurePNT 6200 is designed for easy integration into existing systems, featuring the patented µTranscoder technology which allows users to upgrade their legacy GPS/GNSS systems effortlessly. This technology enables a simple retrofit of the SecurePNT 6200 between an existing GPS/GNSS antenna and its receiver, enhancing resilience without the need for extensive hardware modifications.

The solution aligns with various government and industry standards, ensuring compliance with the latest guidelines from the Department of Homeland Security, NIST, and other regulatory bodies. This solution aims to support the security and operational needs of critical infrastructures worldwide.