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Racelogic’s SatGen GNSS Simulation Software Now Includes Galileo

The latest update to Racelogic’s SatGen GNSS simulation software for PC now incorporates Galileo RF simulation.

Designed to create a GNSS RF I&Q or IF data file based on a user-generated trajectory file, the updated software can now accurately simulate the European Galileo GNSS satellite constellation alongside existing GPS, GLONASS and BeiDou RF signal generation.

The full range of Galileo frequencies that SatGen can simulate are Galileo E1 B/C, E5a, E5b and E6 B/C (see table below for further information).

In a company statement today, Mark Sampson, LabSat product manager, said, “Given the vast improvements in navigation and timing that Galileo has brought to its global users, we are extremely excited to be releasing a version of SatGen that allows engineers to generate Galileo-specific scenarios for their test procedures.”

Other changes to the software include various UI tweaks, performance optimization and fixes. SatGen users can download the software update here.

Galileo Outage Scenarios
Following the recent week-long outage of Europe’s GNSS constellation, Galileo, LabSat are able to offer three one hour long files recorded during the period for test purposes.

The scenarios are available for download here.

For further information on SatGen please contact Katie Harland at Racelogic at katie.harland@racelogic.co.uk.

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