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Munich Satellite Navigation Summit 2024: Exploring New Orbits and Synergies in GNSS

The Munich Satellite Navigation Summit, set to take place from March 20 to 22, 2024, has announced “GNSS Meets Friends in New Orbits – Potentials and Synergies!” as its theme. This event, which will be held both on-site and as a hybrid conference, is poised to delve into the evolving landscape of satellite navigation and its integration with other space-based technologies. Registration information for the in-person or virtual tracks can be found on the conference website.

Historically, satellite navigation has been closely linked with Medium Earth Orbits (MEO). However, the burgeoning presence of mega constellations in Low Earth Orbits (LEO) is reshaping this traditional understanding. The summit will explore how complementary navigation satellites in LEO can enhance the integrity of GNSS signals at the Earth’s surface. The potential for closer convergence between navigation, communications, and Earth observation systems, all operating in LEO, is a key focus of the conference. This integration is expected to uncover various synergies and new potentials in the field.

The conference program will cover a wide range of topics, including:

  • The first and second generations of the European Satellite Navigation System Galileo.
  • Updates on the status and modernization of the US Global Positioning System (GPS) and the Chinese BeiDou System.
  • Developments in regional systems like India’s IRNSS, Japan’s QZSS, and Korea’s KPS.
  • The interplay between space communications, Earth observations, and satellite navigation.
  • Exploring the potential of Low-Earth Orbit for Positioning, Navigation, and Timing (PNT): LEO-PNT and beyond.
  • Latest advancements from the GNSS Receiver and Application Industry.
  • Legal aspects concerning satellite navigation.
  • The challenges and opportunities in commercial PNT within the burgeoning new space economy.

Attendees will have the opportunity to hear from high-ranking speakers from industry, science, and governments, providing diverse perspectives on the latest developments in GNSS. The Summit promises to be a unique platform for discussions on future projects and networking, with events like the reception at the Munich Residence, the Space Night, and a Bavarian-themed networking event closing the Summit.

The Munich Satellite Navigation Summit is part of the Bavarian government’s and the aerospace and satellite navigation cluster’s efforts to stimulate applications and services in this high-tech field. For more information and updates, participants and interested parties are encouraged to visit the summit’s website at