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Multi-constellation, Multi-frequency RTK Board for Centimeter Accuracy

Tersus GNSS has released the BX40C RTK Board to support its series of GNSS boards and provide high-accuracy, fast positioning services. Powered by new Tersus ExtremeRTK GNSS technology, the BX40C Board can support multi-constellation and multi-frequency all-in-view satellite tracking.

The Tersus BX40C is a compact GNSS RTK board with full constellation tracking for providing cm-level accuracy positioning. It can be integrated with autopilots and inertial navigation units to meet various developing requirements. It is ideal for high-precision positioning, navigation, and mapping.

“Even in harsh environments, the BX40C Board can control deviation within 3cm in surveying and mapping applications,” said Xiaohua Wen, founder and CEO of Tersus GNSS Inc. “BX40C supports 576 channels and can achieve centimeter-level position accuracy easily.”

In-built 4GB memory makes data collection easy. It features compatibility with other GNSS boards in the market via flexible interfaces, smart hardware design, and commonly used log/command formats.