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LabSat Announces the Launch of the LabSat 4 GNSS Simulator for Enhanced GNSS Testing

LabSat has introduced the LabSat 4 GNSS Simulator, a GNSS test solution. This latest addition to the LabSat range is designed to meet the rigorous demands of modern GNSS signal testing, providing enhanced customization and precision.

Key to LabSat 4 are its three RF channels, each configurable with up to 12-bit I&Q quantization and a bandwidth of up to 60 MHz. This flexibility allows engineers to precisely control recording parameters and optimize file sizes according to their specific testing needs. Synchronized record and replay of external data sources such as CAN, CAN-FD, RS232, and digital event capture further enhance complex test scenarios.

Users can save custom record settings for efficient setup and repeatability, and a user-friendly, web-based interface ensures ease of configuration and management of the simulation environment.

LabSat 4 file management capabilities are robust, with 7.6TB internal storage and data transfer options via Gigabit Ethernet and USB 3.0, it accommodates the high-volume data needs of modern GNSS testing without sacrificing speed or performance.

Complementing its hardware capabilities, LabSat 4 is fully compatible with SatGen Simulation Software, allowing for the creation of GNSS RF I&Q scenario files based on custom trajectories. This integration enables the simulation of scenarios that include multi-stop routes, time zone transitions, leap seconds, and more, based on any specified time, date, and location.