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Spirent Announces Certified Xona PULSAR™ Production Signals Simulator

Spirent has successfully implemented Xona Space Systems’ PULSAR™ production signals for integration into the existing SimXona product line. Xona and Spirent have collaborated closely and have announced that the PULSAR™ X1 production signal implementation has successfully passed a diligent Xona certification.

The PULSAR™ X5 signal verification process is currently underway and expected to pass certification during the summer of 2024. Spirent is now accepting orders for SimXona with production signals capability.

Xona is developing PULSAR™, a high-performance positioning, navigation, and timing (PNT) service built on a backbone of low Earth orbit (LEO) small satellites. Xona’s patented high-powered smallsat signals improves PNT resilience and accuracy by augmenting global navigation satellite systems (GNSS), such as GPS, while operating with an independent navigation and timing system architecture. Xona recently completed its series A fundraise and is fully funded to launch its production class satellite, the In-Orbit Validation mission, in 2025.

Spirent is a provider of PNT test solutions and recently launched a sixth-generation simulation system, PNT X. Designed for navigation warfare (NAVWAR) testing, PNT X is an all-in-one solution with native implementation of SimXona. View a replay of a recent Inside GNSS webinar featuring Spirent and Xona.

“We’re excited to certify Spirent’s SimXona offering and enable the PNT community with highly trusted test solutions. We look forward to continuing to work closely with Spirent to advance LEO PNT solutions for end users,” said Bryan Chan, VP of Strategy at Xona Space Systems.

“At Spirent, we are committed to fostering innovation in the PNT sector by providing cutting-edge and high-performance test solutions to the market,” stated Jan Ackermann, Director of Product Management at Spirent Communications. “SimXona, and the diligence applied by both teams during the certification process, embodies this commitment.”