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High-Precision GNSS Module for Ag, Robotics, Autonomy

Quectel Wireless Solutions, a supplier of IOT modules and antennas, and Point One Navigation, a supplier of precision location technology, announced the LG69T-AM addition to the LG69T GNSS Module Series.

The module targets high precision markets including agriculture, robotics and autonomous vehicles.

Point One’s positioning engine powers the LG69T-AM and enables centimeter-level global accuracy by integrating augmented GNSS in a module with open-source API.

The LG69T-AM GNSS module features STMicroelectronics’ TeseoV positioning receiver platform with 80 tracking and 4 fast acquisition channels compatible with GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou, QZSS and NAVIC. It is an advanced dual-band L1/L5 GNSS module supporting RTK with centimeter-level accuracy.

The LG69T-AM leverages Point One’s RTK and SSR technology for centimeter-level accuracy and ultra-fast convergence time. It is designed for easy integration with minimal e-BOM modification and is well-suited for mass market adoption without the need for an expensive external co-processor. Due to its small package size, light weight, and low power consumption, it is designed for applications such as micro-mobility and precision agriculture.

Embedded in the LG69T-AM is Point One’s FusionEngine and its Polaris correction service client. Polaris is Point One’s GNSS correction service that unlocks better than 10cm absolute accuracy, according to the company, with a coast-to-coast footprint in the USA and coverage across Europe. It offers a variety of connectivity options including delivery over cellular and L-Band. The network is purpose-built for precision agriculture customers and includes advanced anti-jam, interference mitigation, end-to-end security and automatic integrity monitoring. The LG69T-AM is also compatible with standards-based corrections services as well.

The module measures 22.0mm × 17.0mm × 3.15mm and weighs 1.9g.