October 23, 2009

Timing on the Fly

Sensor fusion is a predominant feature of modern navigation systems. To integrate navigation systems with other sensors, the spatial and temporal relationship of the sensor systems must be defined and calibrated.

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April 14, 2009

Trimble’s Tiny Timing Receiver

Trimble has introduced the postage stamp–sized Resolution SMT, a 12-channel parallel tracking, embeddable GPS receiver in a surface mount packaged designed to provide precise GPS or UTC time and synchronization for many static timing applications.

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By exmachina
October 28, 2008

GPS/Galileo/GLONASS timing antenna

PCTEL offers the GPSL1GL-TMG-40N timing reference antenna specifically designed for deployments in congested cell-site applications and able to receive signals from GPS, Galileo, and GLONASS satellites in the 1575.42 ± 10 MHz and 1602-1615 MHz frequency bands. The low-noise, high-gain amplifier is well suited to address attenuation issues associated with applications requiring longer cable runs. The proprietary quadrifiliar helix design, coupled with multistage filtering improves out-of-band rejection and lower elevation pattern performance.

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By glen
June 17, 2008

New Company, New Time Code Generator

ORCA Technologies’ GS-101

ORCA Technologies LLC, a recent start-up company — but one whose principals come with a long background in GPS timing instrumentation — has introduced the Model GS-101 GPS/IRIG-B Synchronized Time Code Generator (STCG).

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By glen
April 2, 2008

u-blox Launches GPS Timing Module

u-blox LEA-5T

Swiss GNSS chip manufacturer u-blox has introduced a new precise timing GPS module, the LEA-5T, precise timing at the CTIA Wireless 2008 conference taking place this week in Las Vegas.

Based on the company’s 50-channel, fifth-generation chipset technology, the LEA-5T is intended for such applications as telecom network synchronization, use in WiMAX base stations for home-based broadband networks, and data communication among geographically dispersed systems and devices such as NTP servers.

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By glen
September 14, 2007

Symmetricom Launches New Timing Products

San Jose, California–based Symmetricom, Inc., has launched the SyncServer S300/S350, the latest in its line of network time servers using the latest Network Time Protocol (NTP) to synchronize time on servers, workstations, and a variety of network elements for expanding IT enterprises.

The company also announced that its XLi SAASM Time and Frequency Receiver with a new Ground-Based GPS Receiver Application Module (GB-GRAM) SAASM receiver has been granted security approval by the Global Positioning Systems Wing (GPSW). The GB-GRAM GPS Receiver is integrated into Symmetricom’s XLi SAASM (Selective Availability Anti-Spoofing Module).

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By mikey
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