ViaLite’s GPS Over Fiber Link Solutions to be on Display at Satellite Innovation Symposium

ViaLite Communications, which designs and manufactures RF over fiber links and systems, showcased its products last week at ION GNSS+ in Miami, Fla., and is now preparing for the Satellite Innovation Symposium, Oct. 9-11, in San Francisco, Calif.

ViaLite will be at Booth #34 at the Symposium and is offering a 30% discount off conference tickets, using code: vialite_client. For more details on the event, visit:

The wide dynamic range and broadband nature of ViaLitetechnology supports the transmission of data of any modulation type with minimal degradation.  A diverse range of applications is catered for by ViaLite products, optimized for specific applications including:  satcom teleports, satellite ground stations, satellite downlinks, VSAT, interfacility linking, cellular networks, TV broadcast and GPS timing signal distribution.

The ViaLite user base is diverse from SME’s to blue chip organizations. A representative list of some of their customers includes: Intelsat, Eutelsat, Telesat, Broadcast Wireless, Vislink Communications, Videosys, Canam, Airbus and Motorola.

Next week’s Symposium includes workshops on Oct. 8 followed by the main conference Oct. 9-11.