Satellite Innovation 2018: Silicon Valley’s Event on the Space Industry

Satellite Innovation: Silicon Valley’s Focused Event on the Fast Growing Space Industry

As space becomes a major topic that the mainstream media is now focusing upon, there are more eyes and dollars attuned to the “how to” monetize these market segments than ever before in the history of the satellite and space industry.

With workshops on October 8 and the main conference from Oct. 9-11, Satellite Innovation 2018 features a dynamic group of more 120 speakers who will be participating in a series of panels, workshops, focused presentations and keynotes designed not only to address exciting innovations, but the market forces that will guide their implementation.

Every few days, another space startup emerges, with the hopes of fitting and satisfying a niche that will be a successful part of this explosive market. For years, experts have been questioning what market segment the world’s first trillionaire will emerge from to step onto the world stage — with the potential that the space industry offers, most major venture capital firms are eying this industry as the potential segment that will see this occur.

Satellite communication (SATCOM) is the basis for most of the revenue for current privatized space. In an upcoming event that is focused on the business of satellite communications, leaders and innovators will be focused on exactly where the next growth segments are likely to develop and to also accurately determine business potentials and realistic timelines.

Keynotes at this event include:

  • Steve Collar – CEO, SES, and previously CEO of O3b, known as the fastest growing operator for many years, now runs SES, the largest private satellite operator
  • Mark Dankberg – Founder, Chairman, and CEO of ViaSat which operates communication satellites that offer capabilities in internet, mobile, defense and direct user connectivity.
  • Steve Jurvetson – Billionaire Venture Capitalist, prominent investor in SpaceX, Planet Labs, Tesla, Hotmail, and more
  • Charles F. Wald – Retired Four Star General, now Vice Chairman at  Deloitte, is responsible for providing leadership strategies with the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD).

The list of 120 speakers represents the most prominent lineup of SATCOM leaders for a conference of this size, providing the industry’s best networking opportunities through numerous events, breaks, sessions, and exhibition areas where more than 50 companies will be showcasing their technologies and products. This major event will also offer an abundance of meeting space that is perfect for business development discussions. More than 800 executives are expected to attend Satellite Innovation.

If you wish to participate in the rapid rise of the satellite and space industries, this is an event where you can connect with the leaders, the ideas and the technologies. To join satellite and space industry experts and innovative mavericks, register at