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The Persistence of Quality

After spending a career as a GNSS advocate and critic, technical interpreter and PNT raconteur, our colleague, Glen Gibbons, begins his transition to Editor Emeritus status this month. And while his daily GNSS activities cease, his contribution for thoughtful analysis, cogency and a reasoned perspective are retained—his imprimatur, gratefully accepted.

Beginning with the next issue in the Thinking Aloud column, we will publish invited guest editorials, written by subject matter experts, policy leaders, user community advocates and key influentials in the worldwide GNSS community.

It is indeed a changing world of GNSS. Applications arise and flourish, then are overtaken by new ideas about what positioning, navigation, and timing (PNT) can do to improve the human condition.

What hasn’t changed is the need for skilled engineers to harness the hardware and—ever more important—the software solutions that underlie new GNSS products, applications, possibilities. The complex signal-processing algorithms will always need to be used to their fullest capabilities.

We must continue to address the means for integrating GNSS with other PNT technologies and the sensors that are revealing our world and the endeavors of its inhabitants in ever more detail.

And what also hasn’t changed is the need for quality reportage of GNSS policy, engineering, and state-of-the-art practice. GNSS journalism that makes a difference, that chronicles the way ahead charted by the pioneers and masters of the art and science of PNT.

Richard Fischer
Inside GNSS