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January 1, 2018

RNSS and the ITU Radio Regulations

All applications of satellite navigation show a strong growth. They can now rely on four global systems (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and BeiDou) and additional regional systems, sometimes aiming for future global extension (QZSS, NavIC). All these systems and their applications rely on very limited satellite orbit spectrum. This article is providing background and insights on the growing pressure on this limited resource, giving rise to proposals for “sharing” spectrum. How satellite navigation will survive and find the necessary spectrum resources to grow is reviewed in details in the following paragraphs.

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By Ingo Baumann
January 27, 2016

Making Good Better

SBAS and RNSS: The Unsung Heroes of GNSS

Okay, if I had wanted to pander to GNSS fans, I might have called this, “Making Great Greater.”

But there are only so many superlatives that can be lathered on this remarkable technology before simple praise turns into hagiography.

So, it’s time once more to give a little love to those unsung heroes of GNSS: the augmentations and regional navigation satellite systems.

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