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Spirent Introduces PNT X for Advanced Positioning, Navigation, and Timing Testing

Spirent Communications plc has unveiled PNT X, a sophisticated positioning, navigation, and timing (PNT) simulation system. This next-generation platform is designed to meet the escalating demands of testing complex PNT systems which are critical for applications in autonomy, safety, efficiency, and precision.

PNT X integrates a variety of signal sources including L-band, S-band, and alternative navigation signals, along with Regional Military Protection (RMP) support. This integration aims to address the growing complexity in positioning challenges that go beyond traditional GNSS. The system allows for concurrent operation of multiple signals from different sources, enhancing the flexibility and efficacy of PNT testing.

Adam Price, Vice President of PNT Simulation at Spirent, emphasized the future-ready design of PNT X, noting its ability to facilitate deterministic testing throughout the development cycle. He highlighted the system’s efficiency, its compact form factor which reduces laboratory space requirements, and its uncompromised performance that supports advanced application testing.

PNT X is equipped with several innovative features tailored for future mission-critical systems. These include a patented I/Q spatial awareness capability, an upgraded interface for controlled reception pattern antenna (CRPA) testing, the highest available continuous dynamic range for assessing jamming impacts, and a standard update rate of 2 kHz suitable for hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulations and high-dynamics vehicle testing.

Rob VanBrunt, President/CEO of Spirent Federal, discussed the increasing challenges in the NAVWAR (navigational warfare) environment that necessitate robust testing of layered PNT solutions. He expressed that PNT X is crafted to expedite development cycles, allowing defense developers, governmental agencies, and aerospace enterprises to swiftly implement vital PNT solutions.

Peter Terry-Brown, General Manager of Positioning at Spirent, reflected on Spirent’s long history of innovation, from delivering the industry’s first GPS signal generator nearly 40 years ago to leading today’s shift from GNSS to integrated PNT solutions. PNT X represents a significant step in Spirent’s ongoing commitment to advancing PNT-reliant technologies, ensuring that its customers have the tools to succeed in an increasingly complex technological landscape.