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Septentrio Launches AntaRx GNSS Smart Antenna for Machine Automation Applications

Septentrio has introduced the AntaRx smart antenna, catering to machine automation needs in industries such as construction, precision agriculture, and logistics. The smart antenna is housed in a rugged casing, designed to endure shocks and vibrations in challenging industrial environments. The multi-frequency receiver aims for high-accuracy RTK positioning down to the centimeter level.

Silviu Taujan, Product Manager at Septentrio, highlighted the utilitarian aspects of AntaRx, stating, “AntaRx combines the renowned positioning quality of Septentrio with a high-quality antenna, in a rugged and compact housing for simplified installation. The product targets industrial applications such as construction and mining, offering a high degree of robustness validated through extensive testing against industry standards.” Taujan added, “AntaRx is available in several configurations, either as a GNSS smart antenna or as a GNSS/INS smart antenna system, integrating an industry-leading Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU).”

The AntaRx integration expands Septentrio’s existing machine control GNSS receiver portfolio, utilized by major construction companies globally. This receiver technology incorporates Septentrio’s GNSS+ algorithms, featuring advanced multipath mitigation for consistent operation in challenging conditions, such as proximity to structures or machinery. With a focus on providing accurate plan execution during rapid movement or rotation, the AntaRx smart antenna is positioned as a versatile solution.