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SAPA and SPARTN GNSS Corrections Roll Out from SAPCORDA Joint Venture

Sapcorda Services GmbH announced the release of its Safe And Precise Augmentation (SAPA) Premium GNSS positioning service, providing GNSS corrections via internet and satellite. SAPA enables mass-market GNSS devices to operate with accuracy and reliability across Europe and the Continental United States. The technology provides instantaneous sub-decimeter position accuracy for devices used in all market applications, according to the company.

SAPA is delivered via the SPARTN format. The SAPA service is designed for mass-market applications including innovative mobility solutions, IoT applications, as well as traditional markets such as maritime. SAPA supports safety-critical applications such as autonomous driving.

A few days prior to the SAPA announcement, Sapcorda published the SPARTN open-communication protocol enabling the wide use of GNSS high accuracy positioning worldwide. SPARTN (Safe Position Augmentation for Real-Time Navigation) is a high-accuracy, open- and free-to-use GNSS format tailored for broadcast distribution in mass-market applications.SPARTN is a highly compressed format with extensive robustness for internet and L-band satellite communication in challenging environments. The format supports the use of modern end-to-end encryption, integrity, and message authentication capabilities.

The format supports a broadcast distribution model eliminating communication bottlenecks and enabling continental-level positioning services with unlimited number of subscribers. The SPARTN format enables high-accuracy GNSS positioning in any application, according to the company, including automotive / new mobility, autonomous airborne systems, logistic, mobile / IoT and more.

Sapcorda Services GmbH is a GNSS service provider focusing on emerging high-precision GNSS mass markets. Sapcorda szx founded as a joint venture in 2017 by Bosch, Geo++, Mitsubishi Electric and u-blox. It operates in Europe and in USA with offices in Berlin, Hanover and Scottsdale, AZ. The name signifies Safe And Precise CORrection DAta.

Image courtesy Sapcorda.