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Joint Effort Between SDX and Talen-X Enables GNSS Simulation for Anechoic Chambers

SDX has announced a new option that enables radiated emissions testing in anechoic chambers, with support for up to 16 dual-frequency antennas. This is achieved by harnessing the power of multiple graphics processing units (GPUs) simultaneously. This new SDX update brings a host of features carefully designed to improve the setup and operation of advanced GNSS simulations in anechoic chambers.

In mid-2017, Talen-X and Skydel engineers began to conceptualize a GNSS simulation system emanating from their BroadSim platform for the purpose of simulating GNSS and jamming signals in an anechoic chamber. Over the next six months, Talen-X and Skydel designed, built, tested and delivered a revolutionary new Anechoic Chamber Simulator capable of simultaneously generating multi-GNSS, jamming and spoofing signals. BroadSim Anechoic can be used to support a wide variety of operational tests.

When creating the anechoic chamber setup, SDX users supply a chamber layout and GNSS signals are associated with the nearest antenna, according to the simulation parameters. During the simulation, a feedback loop system monitors the signals and enables the system to automatically calibrate time delay and antenna power loss.

Along with the anechoic option, SDX provides a configuration tool that simplifies the anechoic chamber setup and calibration procedures. SDX’s complete set of features and options is available while in anechoic mode: users can generate GNSS and non-GNSS signals (such as dynamic interferences) and experiment with simulation scenarios built for radiated emissions testing.

The company worked hard to develop these features in partnership with Talen-X, and recently delivered a complete system featuring 32 RF outputs. BroadSim Anechoic, powered by Skydel SDX, brings multi-GNSS and jamming simulation to your anechoic chamber. SDX is a fully featured, software-defined GNSS simulator and jammer.

For research and mission-critical test labs, SDX brings a complete solution for radiated emissions testing. With the anechoic chamber option, the company brings accurate simulation of multiple GNSS constellations and user-defined interfering signals, all in real time. Packaged as a turnkey solution that comes with a powerful PC, multiple software-defined radios (SDR), and a distribution module, it is designed to be ready for the most advanced RF test setup there is. The solution’s features include: Automatic power and time calibration tool; Anechoic chamber spatial configuration; Automatic, real-time mapping of GNSS satellites on chamber antennas; Up to 32 RF outputs, transmitting both GNSS and non-GNSS signals.

“Our new Anechoic Chamber solution will radically change the way in which mission critical platforms and systems are tested because we are enabling our customers to create real-world threats” said Talen-X’s Chief Technology Officer Tim Erbes. “Not only will BroadSim Anechoic be able to emulate real-world threat scenarios but it will be easier than ever before to create and simulate these environments.”