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ION’s ITM/PTTI 2019 Kicks Off in Fine Fashion on Tuesday

The first full day of the Institute of Navigation’s ITM/PTTI 2019 conference wrapped up Tuesday after a busy, education-filled day at the Hyatt Regency Reston in Reston, Virginia.

The program kicked off with a welcome and introductions by ION President Dr. John Raquet and program chairs Dr. Olivier Julien (ITM Program) and Dr. Michael Coleman (PTTI Program), who announced that this year marked 50 years of meetings for PTTI, with the first meeting having been held in 1969.

The keynote speeches were provided by Dana Goward of the Resilient Navigation and Timing Foundation and Dr. Dennis McCarthy, who presented on the history and development of Coordinated Universal Time. Following this Plenary Session, the exhibitors took the stage with an opportunity to tell attendees a little about their companies and their products.

The list of exhibitors for this year’s conference–with booth numbers in parentheses—includes: Brandywine Communications (No. 5), CAST Navigation (No. 2), Cycle Gmbh (No. 23), ENSCO (No. 24), Frequency Electronics (No. 3), ION (No. 7), GuideTech (No. 4), Jackson Labs Technologies (No. 10), Linear Photonics LLC (No. 8), Masterclock (No. 1), Microchip Technology (No. 17), Oscilloquartz SA (No. 12), Spectradynamics (No. 20), Spirent Federal Systems (No. 13), Sync-n-Scale (No. 6), Syntony GNSS (No. 19), TimeTech Gmbh (No. 16) and Vescent Photonics (No. 22).

The ITM and PTTI technical events got underway Tuesday afternoon with a variety of presentation tracks that included: GNSS Augmentation Systems and their Evolution; Advanced GNSS Signal Processing for Challenging Environments; GNSS Interference and Jamming Detection, Characterization and Mitigation; Laboratory Reports and Activities; Next Generation Clocks; and the PTTI Poster Session.

Some of the many highlights from the sessions included Juan Blanch from Stanford University: Development and Evaluation of Airborne Multipath Error Bounds for L1-L5; Joon Wayn Cheong from the University of New South Wales: Exploiting Wideband Characteristics of GNSS Interference Geo-location—Theory and Field Test; Marina Gertsvolf from the National Research Council Canada: NRC Frequency and Time Group Laboratory Report.

Wednesday and Thursday will bring two more full days of ITM and PTTI sessions, and ION’s annual awards luncheon will take place on Thursday.

Next year’s event is scheduled for January 21-24, 2020 in San Diego, California.