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GSA Posts List of Covid 19-Fighting GNSS Apps

The European GNSS Agency (GSA) has posted a list of location-GNSS-Galileo based applications that may be useful tools against diffusion of COVID-19.

The applications cover a range of uses from supporting public authorities to assisting citizens in their everyday life under social distancing, closures and quarantines.

For inquiries about the applications, interested parties are directed to the specific developer and owner of the relevant intellectual property rights.

The GSA seeks more location-GNSS-Galileo App to the list; contact

[Image courtesy Ufirst.]

Application Categories:

Tracking the COVID-19 Pandemic

Six applications draw on cell phone user location data in various ways, to track movements back to contacts with others if diagnosed with the disease, to govern quarantine requirements, and similar. Privacy advocates may find these invasive; many aspects of the crisis violate previous norms.

Queue management

Two applications: to set up virtual queueing systems for shops to help citizens respect social distancing; and to provide real-time crowd-sourced location data to check length of supermarket entry lines, to avoid creating crowds.

Response management

One application automatically notifies users, for example first responders, when entering a zone with an increased occurrence of infected persons, to alert them to don protective equipment.

Information dissemination

One application to help anyone feeling unwell evaluate their symptoms without ringing overburdened call centers. Administers a self-test and offers instructions and recommendations in accordance with the results.