GSA Hosting GNSS Raw Measurements Taskforce Workshop on May 30 - Inside GNSS - Global Navigation Satellite Systems Engineering, Policy, and Design

GSA Hosting GNSS Raw Measurements Taskforce Workshop on May 30

Following the publication of the White Paper Using GNSS Raw Measurements on Android Devices, the European GNSS Agency (GSA) and the Raw Measurements Taskforce will share their experiences around the use of raw measurements at a dedicated workshop — GNSS Raw Measurements: From research to commercial use — to be held at the GSA headquarters in Prague on May 30.

There are several advantages to using GNSS raw measurements in smartphones and IoT devices. Use of these measurements can lead to increased GNSS performance, as they open the door to more advanced GNSS processing techniques that, until recently, have been restricted to more professional GNSS receivers.

Android GNSS Raw Measurements in Practice

Several application areas stand to profit from this increased accuracy, such as augmented reality, location-based advertising, mobile health and asset management. The raw measurements also make it possible to optimize multi-GNSS solutions and to select satellites or constellations based on their performances or differentiators.

At the Prague workshop, experts from the GSA and the Raw Measurements Taskforce, which includes GNSS experts, scientists and GNSS market players, will share their experience of raw measurements use.

Discussions at the event will cover:

  • Contributions from Taskforce members on four following topics:
  • High accuracy position provision, Educational applications, Testing and performance optimization, and Robustness increase;
  • Google`s vision on advanced location services
  • Future outlook for high accuracy in mass market including Galileo contribution.

If interested in learning more about the topics mentioned above, come join the experts at GSA HQ in Prague on May 30. To register for the workshop – click here.

The GNSS Raw Measurements Taskforce is dedicated to promoting the wider use of GNSS raw measurements. Membership is open to anybody interested in GNSS raw measurements; to join the Taskforce contact: