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FrontierSI Advocates for Strengthened Australian PNT Infrastructure Amid Rising Cyber Threats

FrontierSI, a not-for-profit research organization with expertise in positioning, geodesy, spatial infrastructures and rapid spatial analytics, has unveiled a roadmap to fortify Australia’s Positioning, Navigation, and Timing (PNT) infrastructure. This move, articulated in a new white paper and technical report, comes as the digital era’s increasing reliance and emerging cyber threats spotlight the urgency of securing resilient PNT technology essential for various critical sectors from agriculture to finance.

“PNT is an essential utility we presently have no control over,” stated Joshua Critchley-Marrows, FrontierSI’s Space PNT Lead. “Australia’s access to PNT is intrinsically linked to satellite-delivered services from foreign-owned and operated assets, such as the USA’s Global Positioning System. Investing in our infrastructure is crucial to ensure continuous access to this critical service that underpins nearly all aspects of our daily lives.”

The reliance on foreign satellite systems, claims FrontierSI, exposes Australia to significant vulnerabilities, as evidenced by recent technological failures and cyber-attacks. These incidents underscore the need for a self-reliant and robust PNT ecosystem capable of withstanding both unintentional and malicious disruptions.

FrontierSI’s strategy aims to bolster PNT resilience by enhancing the systems’ robustness against disruptions and advocating for the development of assured, robust, augmented, and alternative PNT solutions. The recommendations outlined in the white paper and technical report call for proactive measures, including legislative updates and supply chain risk assessments, to protect Australia’s critical infrastructure and economic vitality.

“In a world of escalating competition and geopolitical tensions, PNT disruption has become more frequent and severe,” said Graeme Kernich, CEO of FrontierSI. “Australia is not exempt from these threats, and they will continue to escalate. Protecting our nation’s critical infrastructure through resilient PNT technology is not just a priority—it’s a necessity in today’s volatile landscape.”