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EMCORE Dual-Use IMUs and INSs Receive Non-ITAR Status

EMCORE Corporation announced that its dual-use SDI500/SDI505 Revision F inertial measurement units (IMUs) have received a U.S. Department of State determination that they are not subject to International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR). EMCORE has further determined that its SDN500 inertial navigation system (INS) is likewise not subject to ITAR. The company expects this non-ITAR status to increase the size of the market that it can address with its quartz micro-electromechanical systems (QMEMs) IMU and INS offerings.

As a result of this determination, EMCORE’s SDI500/SDI505 Revision F commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) offerings were confirmed to be subject to the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) administered by the Department of Commerce (DOC). EAR classification typically result in fewer export-related restrictions and requirements. This will greatly increase the marketability of these IMUs to international customers.

EMCORE’s SDI500/SDI505 IMUs deliver comparable performance to some optical IMUs and come in a low-power, small and light form factor. They leverage QMEMS technology to deliver angle random walk (ARW) values of 0.02°/√hr with 1°/hr bias stability. The SDI500/SDI505 IMUs are designed to achieve the demanding performance levels required in sophisticated systems including weapons guidance and targeting, commercial and defense fixed-wing aircraft & helicopters, unmanned autonomous vehicles (UAVs), and a variety of other high-precision commercial, industrial, marine, defense, and space applications.

EMCORE’s SDN500 is the Company’s most advanced QMEMS INS/GPS tactical grade system, combining the latest generation quartz gyros and accelerometers from the SDI500/SDI505, with high-speed signal processing and a 48-channel C/A code GPS receiver into a powerful, tightly coupled guidance and navigation system.

EMCORE Corporation is a provider of advanced mixed-signal products that serve the aerospace & defense and broadband communications markets. Its components and systems support a broad array of applications including navigation and inertial sensing, defense optoelectronics, broadband transport, 5G wireless infrastructure, optical sensing, and cloud data centers, with component and system-level products across end-market applications. EMCORE has vertically-integrated manufacturing capability at its wafer fabrication facility in Alhambra, CA, and QMEMS manufacturing facility in Concord, CA. Its manufacturing facilities maintain ISO 9001 quality management certification, and the company’s Concord facility is AS9100 aerospace quality certified.