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Satlab Geosolutions Introduces Ultra-Compact Multiconstellation GNSS UAV/RTK Receiver

Swedish-based survey and GIS equipment manufacturer Satlab Geosolutions AB recently released a multiconstellation GNSS UAV/RTK and heading receiver solution.

The SatLab UAV/RTK Receiver brings professional high precision positioning in a very compact and lightweight design concept, enabling connection to almost all available UAV Autopilots available, according to the company. The UAV/RTK Receiver has integrated 4G GSM modem and a configurable Radio modem for receiving RTK correction from CORS Networks as well as from dedicated GNSS Base Stations. For configuration of UAV/RTK Receiver parameters, the unit is equipped with Bluetooth connectivity for Android and Windows smart devices.

The SatLab UAV/RTK Receiver from Satlab Geosolutions AB.
Apart from providing GNSS RTK centimeter accurate position solutions, the unit also provides heading information based on dual antenna phase data computation (NovAtel Align) as well as having the capability to store raw data, including Event Marker, for later post-processing of position information and image time tagging (PPK).

“Our newly designed UAV sensor concept is offering RTK centimeter level positioning and heading at an incredible price in a very compact and lightweight form factor,” commented Bjorn Agardh, CEO of Satlab, “with our simple software utility, users just set up the UAV/RTK Receiver once, and it remains configured every time it’s used.”

The SatLab UAV/RTK Receiver is available with bundled 2 external UAV GNSS Helix antennas as well as a complete cable kit for interfacing to autopilot and other equipment.