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BeiDou Reaches Out to Africa in GNSS Forum

Representatives from 50 African countries attended the first China-Africa BeiDou Navigation Satellite System, held in Beijing on November 5, organized by the China Satellite Navigation Office (CSNO) and a department of the African Union Commission. Participants issued a joint agreement to use the BeiDou GNSS to enhance Africa’s social, economic, and environmental developments.

CSNO chairman He Yubin. said, “ China will join hands with Africa to promote BeiDou-based services on the continent to foster local industries and businesses and help to create more jobs and reduce poverty.”  CSNO committed to exchanges and training of African personnel to facilitate countries’ efforts to grow their space capabilities.

Mahama Ouedraogo, director of human resources, science and technology with the African Union Commission, stated that Beidou will become a significant tool in Africa’s development, providing new momentum for local economies.

“Beidou has huge potential in at least ten fields such as road transportation, railway management, agriculture, land mapping and survey, urban construction as well as wildlife protection. As a result, many African enterprises have benefited from their use of Beidou-based products or services,” said Yang Dongpeng, a senior CSNO researcher.

This story based on reportage by Mustapha Iderawumi in Space in Africa.