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Airoha Technology Launches AG3335MA GNSS Chip Series with AEC-Q100 Grade 2 Certification

Airoha Technology has announced the launch of its AG3335MA satellite positioning chip series at the end of December 2023. This new chip series has successfully passed the AEC-Q100 Grade 2 reliability qualification tests for automotive applications.

Airoha Technology has integrated these chips with the Dimensity Auto platform of its parent company, MediaTek, offering comprehensive solutions and technical testing services to automotive manufacturers globally.

The AEC-Q100 standard is a critical benchmark for automotive electronic components, designed to ensure reliability and safety far beyond the requirements for consumer electronics. The AG3335MA series chips have been certified by a third-party quality management system equipped with an automotive specification laboratory. Achieving Grade 2 certification, these chips are tested for operation in extreme temperatures ranging from -40 to 105 degrees Celsius, catering to the demanding environments of automotive applications.

The AG3335MA series distinguishes itself with ultra-low power consumption, high endurance, and dual-frequency capability. It supports the five major global satellite systems and NavIC, ensuring reliable operation in a broad temperature range and challenging weather conditions. Its GNSS receiver measurement engine boasts a satellite tracking sensitivity of -167 dBm and a cold boot positioning time of just 25 seconds. This enables it to receive and process signals from all visible satellites simultaneously, offering increased accuracy in positioning.

Yang Yuquan, Vice President of Airoha Technology, emphasized the company’s commitment to automotive market standards and safety. “Airoha Technology’s automotive GNSS chip series not only meets AEC-Q100 standards but has also been adopted by several key customers. We are now working towards ISO 26262 automotive functional safety certification, underscoring our dedication to the reliability and safety of our automotive GNSS chips.”

The AEC-Q100 Reliability Qualification Standards include 13 technical standards, such as High Temperature Operating Life (HTOL) and Powered Temperature Cycling (PTC), divided into five grades based on operating temperature ranges. The AG3335MA series, certified at Grade 2, is designed for the stringent requirements of automotive applications, offering a reliable, high-performance solution for satellite positioning in vehicles.