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EndRun Launches Metrology Grade Time and Frequency Standard

EndRun Technologies, a provider of precision time and frequency solutions, has announced the availability of the Meridian II 2U Precision TimeBase, a metrology grade time and frequency standard traceable to UTC(USNO). This addition to the Meridian II product family introduces an Ultra-Stable Rubidium oscillator option, increased output capacity, and modular power supplies for high-availability, mission critical, and high-performance applications.

The Ultra-Stable Rubidium (US-Rb) is based on the industry leading Stanford Research Systems PRS10 Rubidium Frequency Standard, according to the company. The PRS10 is an uncompromised rubidium atomic frequency standard that provides exceptional stability, environmental, and phase noise performance. The Meridian II 2U with EndRun’s Real-Time Ionospheric Corrections (RTIC) is designed to optimize the Ultra-Stable Rubidium and result in best-in-industry performance as documented in this NIST Test Report.

“The Meridian II 2U combines the Ultra-Stable Rubidium (US-Rb) reference oscillator with EndRun’s security hardened GPS Timing Receiver to provide unrivaled stability and holdover performance in a self-contained platform. The US-Rb provides true rubidium performance that has not been compromised by miniaturization,” said Ron Holm, marketing manager, EndRun Technologies. “The Meridian II 2U chassis also increases output capacity by greater than 50% providing up to 36 outputs.”

Key Meridian II 2U performance specifications with the Ultra-Stable Rubidium and Real-Time Ionospheric Corrections include:

  • Time accuracy: <10 nanoseconds RMS to UTC(USNO).
  • Frequency accuracy: 4×10-14 (100,000 seconds)
  • Frequency stability: 4×10-14 (100,000 seconds), 6.0 x 10-13 (1000 seconds)
  • Holdover: <1.1 microseconds for one day (5°C Max Delta, 7.5°C/Hr Max Slew Rate)
  • Output capacity: 36 frequency and time outputs