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Win a FLIR Duo Pro R 640 Of Your Choice

You can take thermal to new heights with the FLIR Duo Pro R, a compact, lightweight, dual-sensor thermal and visible light imager designed for drones. The Duo Pro R features:
•  Easy Camera Control & On-Board Recording
•  Dual-Sensor Imaging in a Compact Package
•  Powerful Camera Control & Configuration
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Like FLIR’s Vue Pro line of thermal imagers for drones, Duo Pro R provides an airborne temperature measurement and imaging capability designed to add significant value to all your operations. But Duo Pro R also includes an included high definition visible light imaging capability for even greater flexibility. Building and infrastructure inspections, solar panel assessments, precision agriculture, public safety, and search rescue operations are all made more efficient and effective by the use of Duo Pro R’s dual sensor drone-based imaging.