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Unicore Communications GNSS Hardware available through Rx Networks

Unicore Communications (Unicore), a leading manufacturer of GNSS hardware, is a sister-company to Rx Networks within the BDStar group of companies, and is headquartered in Beijing, China. Unicore GNSS receivers have been deployed in a wide variety of applications including reference stations, survey/mapping, precision agriculture, machine control, drones and robotics, vehicle navigation, timing, IoT and more. Unicore will deliver affordable High Precision GNSS technology into the North American market through Rx Networks.

Rx Networks is a key supplier of high accuracy services and assistance data to a growing list of GNSS hardware manufacturers. As high precision GNSS becomes ubiquitous, those seeking precise positioning solutions can now have Unicore GNSS Hardware enlightened with Rx Networks data services.

Cameron Baird, Head of Business Development, Hardware Sales, says “Unicore GNSS hardware has shown to have outstanding positioning performance and I am excited to see the democratization of inexpensive High Precision GNSS Hardware with Rx Networks’ TruePoint.io PPP-RTK correction services.”