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u-blox Introduces F10 Dual-Band GNSS Platform for Superior Urban Positioning Accuracy

u-blox, a provider of positioning and wireless communication technologies, has unveiled its latest GNSS platform, F10, marking the company’s entry into dual-band GNSS technology. Designed to significantly enhance positioning accuracy in urban settings, the F10 platform integrates both L1 and L5 frequency bands, providing robust multipath resistance and meter-level accuracy, particularly suited for urban mobility solutions like aftermarket telematics and micromobility.

The increasing reliance on GNSS receivers for precise positioning faces challenges in dense urban environments, where satellite signals are often reflected by buildings or foliage, leading to inaccuracies. The F10 platform addresses this issue by utilizing the L5 band, known for its higher resistance to multipath effects, in conjunction with the established L1 band. This dual-band approach enables the F10 to achieve less than 2 meters positioning accuracy, a significant improvement over the approximately 4 meters accuracy provided by L1-only receivers.

u-blox has conducted driving tests across various urban locations, demonstrating the performance of the F10 platform compared to traditional GNSS L1 receivers. The F10’s firmware is specifically designed to prioritize L5 signals in scenarios of weak signal strength, ensuring reliable accuracy even when used with compact antennas. Additionally, the platform includes protection-level technology, offering users a real-time and trustworthy assessment of positioning accuracy.

To address potential interference issues between GNSS receivers and closely situated cellular modems, selected F10 module models (NEO-F10N, MAX-F10S, and MIA-F10Q) incorporate a sophisticated RF circuit design. This design enables simultaneous, interference-free operation of the GNSS and cellular modem components.

The F10 platform also ensures seamless integration for existing u-blox customers, offering pin-to-pin compatibility with the preceding M10 generation. Furthermore, it supports u-blox AssistNow, an A-GNSS service that enhances the time-to-first-fix and reduces power consumption, available globally to support real-time online assistance.