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The Institute of Navigation (ION) Names 2023 Award Winners

The Institute of Navigation (ION) has recognized distinguished professionals in the field of positioning, navigation, and timing (PNT) with its prestigious 2023 Annual Awards. The awards were presented during the International Technical Meeting (ITM) and Precise Time and Time Interval (PTTI) Systems and Applications Meeting, held in Long Beach, California, from January 22 to 25, 2024.

The ION’s Annual Awards Program aims to acknowledge significant contributions and exceptional performances in the advancement of PNT. This year’s recipients represent a diverse group of individuals who have made notable impacts in their respective areas.

Award Recipients and Achievements:

  1. Dr. Tyler Gerald René Reid: Received the Per Enge Early Achievement Award for his innovative work in developing low Earth orbiting satellites to enhance global positioning services. This award recognizes outstanding early career contributions.
  2. Captain Laura D. Norton: Honored with the Superior Achievement Award for her exceptional leadership in executing casualty evacuations and developing international combat search and rescue training. This award is given to individuals demonstrating excellence as practicing navigators.
  3. Dr. Daniele Borio: Awarded the Dr. Samuel M. Burka Award for his paper “Bicomplex representation and processing of GNSS signals,” which contributed significantly to the field of navigation and space guidance.
  4. Francine M. Vannicola: Received the PTTI Distinguished Service Award for her major contributions to GPS system time synchronization and GPS atomic frequency standard performance analysis, along with her involvement in the annual PTTI meetings.
  5. Paul C. Manz: Bestowed the Captain P. V. H. Weems Award for his exceptional technical leadership in developing resilient and survivable PNT for precision weapons and munitions.
  6. Dr. Luke Winternitz: Honored with the Tycho Brahe Award for his development of receivers and filtering algorithms that enable GNSS cislunar navigation and pulsar-based deep-space navigation.
  7. Chad E. Pinkelman: Received the Norman P. Hays Award for his enduring contributions to GPS-based programs, including significant work on open architecture for multi-sensor integration.
  8. Dr. Jiyun Lee: Awarded the Thomas L. Thurlow Award for her significant contributions to ensuring the safety of satellite-based navigation systems for aviation.

The ION encourages nominations for these awards from anyone, adhering to their nomination guidelines. Recipients are not required to be ION members. Further details about the nomination process can be found on the ION’s website.

About the Institute of Navigation: The Institute of Navigation is a not-for-profit professional organization dedicated to advancing the art and science of positioning, navigation, and timing. It is a national organization with a membership that extends globally, fostering the development and application of PNT in a wide range of fields.