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Tallysman Wireless Acquired by SatCom Company

Tallysman Wireless Inc., a manufacturer of precision GNSS antennas and related components, has been acquired by Calian Group Ltd, a publicly owned Canadian company. Both companies are based in Ottawa, Canada.

Tallysman designs, manufactures and sells a wide range of GNSS, Iridium and Globalstar antennas and related products into a market with a broad range of vertical applications that include precision reference systems, survey, timing, precision agriculture, unmanned and autonomous vehicles, marine and more.   The company also produces cloud-based wireless tracking systems over two-way radio systems and 4G category M cellular systems, for applications ranging from school buses to municipal public works.

Tallysman is known for its Accutenna and VeraPhase technology, as well as its recently introduced VeroStar and Helical innovations. These technologies provide high-performance antennas with low axial ratios, high multipath signal rejection and tight phase center variation. The company recently launched a triple-band GNSS antenna for autonomous vehicles.

Tallysman will continue to operate under the Calian umbrella with no changes in product availability, fulfilment, support, management, or engineering services. Tallysman will also continue to invest in R&D and bring new and innovative GNSS products to the market.

Calian has a ground-based satellite communications business including satellite gateways and infrastructure for RF communications, telemetry, tracking and control systems, space science and earth observation. Calian also provides communication products for terrestrial and satellite networks. Its customers work in both commercial and defense sectors. One of iuts key markets is satellite RF ground systems solutions for customers with complex technical requirements.

The Tallysman product line and services add a complementary component, expanding Calian’s offerings to the satcom industry, to markets requiring smaller antenna used in end-user devices that need a different range of fidelities.