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SWARCO and TomTom Sign New Agreement

SWARCO, a leading traffic technology specialist, has entered into a strategic partnership with TomTom. Under the new agreement, high-quality traffic data from TomTom will become available to public entities using SWARCO’s urban mobility management suite MyCity.

Navigation and positioning giant TomTom collects traffic information from hundreds of millions of connected devices in more than 70 countries around the world. Most of the data is collected automatically and anonymously, from car-mounted and handheld GNSS receivers, mobile phone apps, road sensors and other devices.

SWARCO’s MyCity software package is designed to help small, medium-sized and large cities tackle challenges associated with rapid changes in urban mobility and the associated IT landscape, as well as the environmental impact of increasingly rapid urbanization. Headquartered near Innsbruck, Austria, SWARCO creates tools that help public authorities develop solutions for road marking, signage, urban traffic management, parking, highway and tunnel management, and public transport.

Under the new agreement with TomTom, SWARCO’s customers can access TomTom’s floating vehicle data-based traffic services to supplement information from physical sensor hardware already installed in the field, empowering improved mobility management operations.

SWARCO’s Christoph Stögerer says the company delighted to enter into this strategic partnership with TomTom – Image courtesy of SWARCO
SWARCO’s Christoph Stögerer says the company is delighted to enter into this strategic partnership with TomTom. Image courtesy of SWARCO.

Solid database

TomTom’s automatically analyzed and evaluated traffic data is widely recognized as being precise, accurate and reliable. The company’s own platform provides users with a window into the state of traffic congestion in various cities. The data enables in-depth evaluation of traffic flow and congestion. Users can easily perform city, city-section, and street-level traffic analysis, to understand what makes road traffic surge, slow down or stop. With this kind of data analysis in hand, city authorities can take appropriate measures to reduce congestion and improve mobility.

The new partnership with TomTom will significantly enhance the value of traffic information already provided to SWARCO customers. SWARCO expects to deploy quickly and with little effort a number of key new capabilities, including real-time visualization of whole road network performance, analysis of the impact of previous measures through historical reports, and fully automated adjustment of traffic strategies.

The partnership will also entail a joint thought leadership program, under which the two companies will work to inform and educate the market about new technologies for assessing mobility, and provide regular updates about new capabilities, products and services. TomTom and SWARCO also intend to ratchet up their collaborative activities in the context of funded research projects.

In a recent press release, Christoph Stögerer, Vice President of Products and Solutions at SWARCO, said, “We’re delighted to enter into this strategic partnership with TomTom. Integrating their services into MyCity will enhance our traffic management solutions significantly.” Mike Schoofs, TomTom Managing Director Consumer and Enterprise, said, “TomTom’s SWARCO is a global leader in ITS solutions and we’re proud that they are integrating TomTom’s traffic information to keep their platform extremely accurate.”