Spirent’s SimMNSA Granted Security Approval by the Global Positioning System Directorate

GPS/GNSS test equipment provider Spirent Federal Systems has announced that their new M-Code solution, SimMNSA, has been granted Security Approval by the Global Positioning System Directorate. They are the first and only company to provide this highly anticipated solution for simulating classified GPS signals, and are currently taking orders, according to a press release.

In 2017, Spirent Federal Systems partnered with Rockwell Collins to develop new software that will use the Modernized Navstar Security Algorithm (MNSA). This new approach of M-Code simulation adds to Spirent Federal’s portfolio of classified signal simulation solutions, and will be available to authorized users of the GSS9000 series simulators. Ellen Hall, CEO of Spirent Federal Systems said, “With the increased focus on M-Code by the GPS Directorate, we are pleased that our team has paved the way in the development of SimMNSA. It was a great challenge to get to this point, but we are excited about what we have accomplished.”

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This new test solution continues Spirent’s history of innovation and being first to market with M-Code simulation software. Spirent’s GPS/GNSS solutions have supported numerous government, military, and Department of Defense programs for more than 30 years.