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Evolution in Ephemeris Services Aids IoT Devices, Others with Power Savings

Rx Networks GNSS assistance service Location.io has added StarCourse, an evolution in extended GNSS satellite ephemeris services. GNSS satellites transmit information about their location (current and predicted), velocity, clock information and health: the ephemeris data. Receivers use this data to estimate their location relative to the satellites and thus position on earth. This can give them the ability  to achieve very fast initial position for portable digital devices including cell phones and a method to overcome lengthy initial position determination under poor signal conditions. It can also greatly reduce power consumption. This becomes especially important in devices that only turn on at set intervals or on demand.

For high-volume commercial applications where GNSS performance is important, but conditions may be far from favorable, ephemerides can help OEMs take advantage of more reliable position determination while preserving power, meaning a longer time between battery recharges.

Real-time ephemeris services provide GNSS chipsets in connected mobile devices a head start in determining position accurately and quickly. For devices with limited connectivity, typical extended ephemeris solutions have given an advantage with 7–14 days of ephemeris data. With the evolution of IoT, low power consumption and a limiting of connection time are essential for extending the usable life of the device. This creates a challenge for IoT vendors seeking an extended ephemeris offering which can minimize onboard resource usage without compromising on accuracy.

StarCourse meets and exceeds this challenge, according to the company, with a 50% reduction in RAM requirements, 90% reduction in CPU cycles, and increased ephemeris accuracy. This empowers Rx Networks customers to extend the usable life of their products while delivering a quality positioning experience. Full data customization is offered to StarCourse subscribers, allowing them to create the optimal solution for their specific needs.

As a result, StarCourse enables autonomous positioning on a wider array of connected GNSS IoT devices, including asset tracking, wearables, in-dash navigation and mobile devices. For situations where accuracy is paramount, StarCourse Premium provides ultra precise predicted ephemeris for the first 24 hours.

Chris Perriam, product owner at Rx Networks says “GNSS assistance services are essential to solving the spatial intelligence requirements of the booming IoT world. StarCourse endeavors to quickly enlighten all connected devices with location.”

Rx Networks’ Location.io Real-Time GNSS service is a real-time data stream that provides GNSS information over an HTTP or FTP transport protocol. This service can be customized to deliver a specific mix of assistance data elements based on customer requests, geographical coverage and subscription licensing requirements. Assistance data elements are provided in a format closely modeled after the 3GPP RRLP or LPP specifications to facilitate integration at the partner’s A-GNSS chip/firmware interface