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Point One Navigation Expands Polaris Location Services to South Korea

Point One Navigation, a company specializing in precision positioning, has announced the expansion of its Polaris Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) location network to South Korea. This development aims to provide businesses and application developers in the region with centimeter-accurate location data for their projects.

Polaris, an RTK corrections network developed by Point One, is designed to enable positioning with centimeter-level accuracy. The system claims to deliver accuracy ranging from 10 cm to 1 cm, an improvement over standard GNSS systems, which typically face position uncertainty due to factors like atmospheric signal delay and satellite orbit variation.

To counter these uncertainties, the Polaris network utilizes additional data from compact base stations. Point One’s Nav FusionEngine software integrates various technologies such as inertial measurement, wheel odometry, and other sensors to maintain precision in environments where satellite signals are absent or weak.

The company positions the Polaris network, supplemented by FusionEngine software, as a cost-effective solution for precision location services, particularly in the fields of autonomy and robotics. The network is compatible with all major GNSS constellations and boasts a dense global network of base stations that extend beyond South Korea, including coverage in the United States, Europe, New Zealand, parts of Canada, and Australia.

For developers, Point One offers a GraphQL-based API to facilitate the integration of the Polaris RTK network and FusionEngine software into their applications. This API is designed to streamline the incorporation of Polaris RTK into a variety of applications, including industrial autonomy, precision agriculture, logistics and delivery, robotics, and Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS).