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Orolia Acquires Skydel Solutions, Innovative GNSS/PNT Simulation Capabilities

Orolia announced today that it has successfully acquired Skydel Solutions, an innovative GPS/GNSS signal simulation company based in Montreal, Canada. This latest PNT industry news was announced during the Association of the U.S. Army’s Global Force Exhibition in Huntsville, Alabama.

With Skydel’s unique capabilities, Orolia now offers customers even more diverse Resilient PNT solutions with new sophisticated testing and simulation protocols, additional customized signals and superior vulnerability assessments for military and commercial applications where GNSS failure is not an option, according to today’s news release.

As the latest addition to the Orolia portfolio, Skydel brand solutions bring a new paradigm to the GNSS simulator scene, by combining innovative algorithms and off-the-shelf hardware to help protect the world’s most critical GNSS-reliant systems operating through GPS, Galileo and other global navigation satellite networks. Skydel technology also supports secure communications signals such as SAASM, M-Code, Public Regulated Service (PRS) and other alternative signals with approved partners to provide real-world PNT vulnerability testing for critical infrastructure applications worldwide.

“The need for continuous, reliable GNSS signals is growing exponentially worldwide, particularly for military and commercial systems that depend on accurate PNT data,” Orolia CEO Jean-Yves Courtois stated. “The threats to these systems are growing too, whether it’s through signal jamming, spoofing or meaconing. With Skydel’s unique industry expertise, Orolia now offers even more rigorous, broad spectrum testing and simulation solutions to ensure continuous signals, even in GNSS denied environments.”

By combining Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) accelerated computing and software-defined radios (SDR), Skydel-powered simulation solutions generate signals in real time, with uncompromising performance for the most demanding use cases. They are available as complete turnkey systems suitable for all GNSS simulation needs, including everything from compact test benches to complete CRPA test systems.

“Since our inception in 2014, Skydel has enjoyed exponential growth. This strategic move with Orolia will allow us to keep our focus on disruptive innovation and accelerate our global reach,” said Stéphane Hamel, CEO of Skydel.

Orolia provides end-to-end Resilient PNT solutions, including the latest scalable, modular, and cost-effective military PNT technology. With a strong track record of supporting the world’s most PNT reliant, critical defense and commercial applications,  is a proud partner of U.S., NATO and allied forces.